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Holy Name of St Joseph Parish

James G. Cleves

Feb 23, 1927 - Feb 28, 2018

Our oldest member. Truly, a great guy. He will be missed.

Jim Cleves

He was like the shirt states; the ultimate volunteer

Jim Cleves

About Us...

The Society of the Holy Name is a Roman Catholic spiritual organization of the laity under the care of the Dominican Order.

The Holy Name Society of St Joseph Parish raises funds for charitable causes within the parish, the dioceses and the local parish community. We buy diapers for young mom's needing help at the Rose Garden Mission. We run the grill for the annual parish "End of Summer Celebration". Each year we provide scholarships to help eight graders go to Catholic high schools and we hold an annual golf outing then we give the funds raised to local charities. Please get involved and help.

We embrace Catholics from all walks of life and membership is open to all men of the St. Joseph Parish over the age of eighteen.

Stained Glass Windoe, St Joseph Parish